Intellectual property commonly represents one of the largest asset classes that a company holds, and unlocking its value is a key element in properly determining the true value of your business and to capitalise on hidden assets. IP-Valuation is the precursor to monetising your intangibles.

The value of your IP (copyrights, trademarks, brands, databases, trade secrets, patents, etc.) can be valued using a number of methodologies, such as (1) cost-based valuation; (2) income-based or economic benefit valuation; and (3) market-based valuation.

The IP-Valuation process includes:

1. Proper classification of IP assets through an IP audit;
2. Determination of current or required IP protection; and
3. Methodology valuation of the IP assets.

Once completed, the company will have completed the proper due diligence to record its IP assets on the company’s balance sheet.


Funds Attraction
Creating a ground for attracting new funds for business development
Capitalization of costs to value (intangible assets) of your business
Business identity
Protection of your business identity (including domain-name)
IP-certificate will be valid during the life of author and 50 years after his death
Monetization system
Creation of monetization system
Avoidance of penalties and fees
Avoidance of penalties and fees for using unregistered brand according to consumer rights protection laws and regulations
  • Assistance in classification of intellectual property objects
  • Recommendation on legal protection of intellectual property objects
  • Recommendation on type of IP-asset valuation
  • Support by professional team in each states of IP-Valuation
  • In case of violation, copyrights-holder cannot attract UAE Ministry of Economy to receive free governmental support. The claim against the violator shall be submitted directly to the court
  • Not all local official bodies have sufficient experience and profound knowledge of copyrights. Therefore, additional explanations and experts’ reports are required
Packages & Prices
Scope of work
Classification of intellectual property objects
Expert's study of company’s documents
Expert's recommendations on recording IP-Assets on a company’s balance sheet
IP-Capitalization services provision period
10 days
5 days
2 days
Preparation of IP-Rights Transfer Agreement & Receiving provisional approval from international registration organization INTEROCO Copyright Office (Germany)
Registration of IP-Rights Transfer Agreement in international organization INTEROCO Copyright Office (Germany)
Preparation of IP-Portfolio
Free 2-hours IP-expert consultation in case of IP-rights violations

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