Website Protection

Website protection requires your work to be an original work of authorship, be fixed so that the site can be perceived or communicated and include a minimal amount of creativity. Adding additional layers of IP protections will strengthen a rights holders IP rights against potential theft, attribution, improper use, ownership claims and unauthorised reproduction.

It is recommended that a rights holder, draft copyright notices specific to the works on its website, while also separately registering all digital content, writings, logos, brands, software, symbols, design, graphics, videos, images, music, photographs, compilations, etc.

It is important to note creating a website often involves collaboration with employees, content providers, developers, designers, photographers and other service providers, therefore, it is imperative you have proper documentation showing ownership from each contributor. Failing to secure this basic first step can detrimentally impact your IP rights as you grow your business.

Website Protection

Website Evaluation
Maximizing the value of your website
Capitalization of costs to value (intangible assets) of your business
Business identity
Protection of your business identity (including domain-name)
IP-certificate will be valid during the life of author and 50 years after his death
Monetization system
Creation of monetization system
Avoidance of penalties and fees
Avoidance of penalties and fees for using unregistered brand according to consumer rights protection laws and regulations
Website Protection
  • Worldwide protection (167 countries-members of Berne Convention)
  • Could be registered on the names of individual (founders)
  • Preliminary approval is possible, successfully registration is guaranteed
  • Web-link for verification of IP-rights
  • No need to pay renewal fees
  • Fast registration 5 - 15 days
  • In case of violation, copyrights-holder cannot attract UAE Ministry of Economy to receive free governmental support. The claim against the violator shall be submitted directly to the court
  • Not all local official bodies have sufficient experience and profound knowledge of copyrights. Therefore, additional explanations and experts’ reports are required
Packages & Prices
Scope of work
Filling the application for a IP-object to be registered
Comprehensive study and search for uniqueness of the IP-object in the international databases of registeredobjects taking into account the availability of resources
Submission of application to INTEROCO Copyright Office (European Union) and receiving preliminary approval
Opening electronic depo-account for client
Registration period of applied IP-object
15 days
10 days
5 days
Deposition of IP-object on INTEROCO Copyright Office server and provision of online link
Issuing of copyright certificate (hard-copy) and delivery to client
Private mode of registration (all registration details will be hidden from public)
Capitalization of all registration costs to the value of business
Free 2-hours IP-expert consultation in case of IP-rights violations

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