A copyright is automatically granted as soon as the work is fixed in some tangible medium.

By registering your copyright, registration provides a verifiable record of ownership with a date and content of the copyrighted work so that the rights holder has evidence of ownership, which is invaluable for licensing and/or selling a copyright.

Having sorted copyright ownership, makes it far easier to support your claims of unauthorised use, misappropriation, infringement, IP theft and in disputes over ownership, in addition, registration often allows for additional statutory damages and attorney’s fees in cases of unauthorised use.


File Application • Process Payment • Study Application • Approval/Rejection • Copyright Certificate

Time to Process: Typically, 30 days after submission of all required application documentation


  • Classification
  • Brand, logo, design
  • Works of science
  • Business projects
  • Computer programs
  • Mobile applications
  • Automated databases
  • Photo, audio, video works
  • Author's cuisine
  • Author's methods
  • Literary works
  • Tender documentations
  • Dimensional models, forms
  • Author's teaching materials
  • Other performing arts

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