Registration Benefits

With properly registered IP assets, some of the benefits include:

  • Protects your business from the “get-go” as you build brand recognition;
  • Gives “prima facie” evidence that you were the first to create the work and you are the owner;
  • Helps to avoid legal disputes and ownership issues;
  • Aids in capitalisation of your intangible assets on your balance sheet;
  • Creates collateral for loans and other financing options;
  • Maximises the value of your IP asset, software and apps;
  • Allows you to effectively utilise the internet and social media;
  • Provides the grounds for attorney’s fees and statutory damages;
  • Copyright Certificate will be valid during the life of the author(s) plus 50-70 years after the last death of the author(s), depending on the jurisdiction;
  • Trademarks never expire as long you keep renewing them;
  • Establishes the groundwork for compensation for infringement and misuse;
  • Gives you a sense of autonomy in the market;
  • Facilitates IP monetization;
  • Tells people you mean business; and
  • Adds prestige to your brand and builds customer loyalty.